"Our mission is to provide cost effective senior-level financial insight and leadership to dynamic management teams of growth-oriented companies across the entire business lifecycle as a means of bridging the talent gap to optimum entity value, profitable growth or valuable exit"

"CFO services for the full business life cycle"

As a company moves through the various stages of its life cycle, inevitably the need arises to raise the financial bar within the business. Whether the need is driven by a lending institution, outside investors, the need to raise growth capital or simply as a means of clearly understanding the financial status and health of the company, the benefit of an experienced Chief Financial Officer cannot be overstated.

The complexity of a company's financial needs isn't driven by its size. Frequently, smaller companies need the insight and involvement of a more experienced financial leader but simply can't justify a full-time resource. The CenterPoint CFO model was developed specifically with those companies in mind.

We offer retained CFO services on a part-time, interim or project basis where we commit to serve as your company's CFO both internally and externally for a period of time tailored to fit your business. We can fill this critically important role in as few as a couple of days a month to several days a week depending on the complexity of your operation and specific needs. We will manage and mentor your company's existing staff as well as represent your company's interest to outside financial stakeholders (banks, auditors, investors).

We work directly with owners and management teams of growth-oriented businesses with a hands-on, roll-up-our-sleeves approach to enable them to strengthen the financial function of their business as well as assist in overcoming the many challenges associated with moving through the stages of the business life cycle. We feel our approach and philosophy enhances our client's ability to achieve their full value potential in the most efficient, effective and economical manner.